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Exchange Club of Greeley

Centennial Center Freedom Shrine

Weld County Centennial Center

Check out the Freedom Shrine at located on the second floor of the Weld County Centennial Center.





mounted on a concave brick wall



The Freedon Shine is mounted on a concave brick wall. Two of the plagues are located on the outside wall.




The Freedom Shrine



The Weld County Freedom Shrine.






dedicated to June



This Freedon Shine is deditcated to June Balenseifen.





Preventing Child Abuse is Our Passion!

  • National Foundation for Child Abuse Prevention
  • Exchange Club National Website
  • Never Shake a Baby
  • Period of Purple

  • The American Red Cross has signed a first-of-its-kind national partnership
    agreement with The National Exchange Club to collaborate on projects for the benefit of local communities at its 92nd annual convention held in La Quinta, CA, July 21 - 24.
    Download a copy of the partnership agreement.
    American Red Cross
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