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Freedom Shrine

The Freedom Shrine is a collection of original historic American documents photographically reproduced and attractively displayed in thousands of locations throughout the United States. Developed by The National Exchange Club, the Freedom Shrine originated from the Freedom Train that toured the nation in 1947 carrying an exhibit of historic documents. Of the Freedom Train exhibit, 19 reproductions of the original documents are now part of the Freedom Shrine.

Today, there are two Freedom Shrines. One consists of replicas of 28 historic American documents, and the other includes replicas of the 19 documents which toured on the Freedom Train. The purpose of the Freedom Shrine is to remind alt Americans that their freedom is a result of the hard work and determination of our forefathers. The Freedom Shrine serves as an everyday reminder of that precious gift of freedom.

Shrines of Northern Colorado:

The Exchange Club of Greeley has placed many freedom shines around northern Colorado. Annually, we place or rededicate a shrine. The next shrine will be placed at Union Colony School, in Greeley.

Current Locations

Centennial Center Greeley Central HS
La Salle Depot Northridge HS
Greeley West HS Fort Lupton HS
Valley High School Union Colony Prep School

Freedom Shrine Dedications

2008-09 – dedicated at Union Colony Prep School*
6/10/08 – rededicated at LaSalle Town Hall
06/26/07 – rededicated at Centennial Building (915 10th Street)
2004-05 – dedicated at Valley High School, Ft. Lupton, CO*
2003-04 – rededicated at Greeley Central High*
06/18/02 – rededication at Aims Community College
05/18/01 – presented at Northridge High School
11/11/96 – Greeley West High School
1993-94 – dedicated at Windsor High School*
1988-89 – rededication at Greeley Mall*
1987-88 – rededicated at McMahan Center*
1986-87 dedicated at Greeley Mall*
1985-86 – installed Freedom Shrine at Greeley Mall*
1984-85 – dedicated at LaSalle Community Center*
1983-84 – rededicated at Weld County Library*
1982-83 – dedicated at Centennial Center; rededicated at Weld County Library*
1979-80 – presented & Dedicated to Weld County Library*

* specific date not indicated

Dedication/Rededication Address:

The keynote address is an important part of a dedication/rededication ceremony. The following speeches are samples for your use. In many cases, the audience will consist of children and adults, so keep that in mind when planning your speech.

Sample Speech One                Sample Speech Two

Freedom Shrine Documents

Exchange would like to see a Freedom Shrine installed in every junior and senior high school in the nation. Freedom Shrines have also found places of honor in universities, libraries, state capitols, airports, city halls and other public places where they can be studied and admired. To view a virtual Freedom Shrine, visit the Virtual Freedom Shrine website, hosted by the Exchange Club of Salem, N.H.

20-Piece Freedom Shrine Arrangement
30-Piece Freedom Shrine Arrangements

1620 The Mayflower Compact^
1776 The Declaration of Independence – Jefferson’s Rough Draft*
1776 The Declaration of Independence^
1776 Benjamin Franklin’s Epitaph*
1778 Patrick Henry’s Instructions to George Rogers Clark*
1782 Washington’s Letter to Colonel Nicola^
1783 The Treaty of Paris*^
1787 The Northwest Ordinance*^
1787 Washington’s Copy of the Constitution*
1787 U. S. Constitution^
1789 Washington’s First Inaugural*^
1789 The Bill of Rights*^
1796 Washington’s Farewell^
1801 Jefferson’s First Inaugural^
1814 The Star Spangled Banner*^
1815 Jackson’s Letter Describing the Battle of New Orleans*
1823 The Monroe Doctrine*^
1863 The Emancipation Proclamation*^
1863 The Gettysburg Address*^
1865 Lincoln’s Second Inaugural^
1865 Lee’s Letter Accepting Washington College Presidency*^
1865 The Thirteenth Amendment^
1874 Account of the Proceedings of the Susan B. Anthony Trial^
1907 Theodore Roosevelt’s Letter on Cuba*^
1913 Wilson’s First Inaugural^
1920 The Nineteenth Amendment*^
1941 F.D.R.’s Four Freedoms Speech^
1943 Letter Naming Eisenhower Supreme Commander*^
1944 General McAuliffe’s "Christmas Message"*^
1945 German Instrument of Surrender, World War II*^
1945 Instrument of Surrender in the Pacific^
1961 J.F.K.’s "Ask Not ..." Speech^
1963 Martin Luther King Jr.’s "I Have a Dream" Speech^

*19-document Freedom Shrine
^28-document Freedom Shrine

The Exchange Club of Greeley would like to thank the National Exchange Club for the use of this material.


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