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Programs of Service

The Exchange Club's "Program of Service" are divided into the categories of Americanism, Community Service and Youth, with Child Abuse Prevention is our national program.


"Healing Field" - The Exchange Club of Greeley hosted a "Soldiers Field" from Wednesday September 6th - Tuesday September 12th 2006.  This amazing event featured over 2000 flags representing our fallen soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan.

We hosted a "Healing Field" in 2004. Below are some photos from our last field. To see this field again in Greeley we would need many sponsors, contact us to find out how to make this happen

If you would like to host a field, Complete this application and submit to our PO Box.

Exchange club of Greeley
P.O. Box 336816
Greeley, CO 80633

"One Nation Under God" - A deep and abiding faith in God was the firm foundation upon which the nation was founded. This program no only aims to increase appreciation for our rich religious heritage, but also seeks to remind Americans that we must always trust in a higher power for guidance, protection and strength.

Freedom Shrine is a handsome, permanently mounted collection of 28 of the most important historic American documents, including the Declaration of Independence and the complete Constitution of the United States.

"Proudly We Hail" encourages and recognizes individuals, commercial establishments and industries by honoring them for flying the American flag daily as an expression of love and respect for our country.

Giveakidaflagtowave - This program promotes pride in country, respect for the flag and appreciation of our priceless heritage of freedom. It involves the distribution of small American flags to youngsters.

Wreaths Across America - Once again the Exchange Club of Greeley is bringing Wreaths Across America to the Evans Cemetery. If you would like to sponsor a fresh evergreen wreath to be laid upon a Veteran's grave on December 19th at 10:00 am we would appreciate it. Please send a check ($15) payable to Wreaths Across America-COECNC-CO0170 to P.O. Box 336816, Greeley, CO 80633. For more information visit our facebookgroup

Child Abuse Prevention

Prevention of Child Abuse programs address this serious societal affliction and attempts to increase public awareness of abuse and what can be done to prevent it.

Lutheran Family Services - A local agency that impacts our community by educating children and adults on issues related to child abuse and neglect. Personnel at Lutheran Family Services are professionally trained and work directly with abusive parents and their children in order that children may live lives free of constant fear and pain. Their motto is "Is shouldn't hurt to be a child." Exchange members hold this thought in their hearts and minds during their Stampede fund raiser - hoping and praying that their efforts will help an abused child and redirect an abusing parent. Shaken Baby Syndrome - We have been working to get the word out on the behavior of violently shaking an infant or young child, which may result in permanent injury or even death. If you or your organization would like brochures on this subject, please contact us.


Youth are America's most precious national resource. We sponsor programs that have been designed to strengthen their physical, spiritual and educational needs.

A.C.E. - This program recognizes high school students who have made a dramatic change in their attitude and performance sometime during their high school years. These changes have enabled the students to overcome their adversities and prepare for graduation. Hence the award's name, A.C.E., which is an acronym for Accepting the Challenge of Excellence. The A.C.E. Award may be presented to several deserving students over the course of a school year, or limited to one especially outstanding recipient. The scope of the project is determined by the sponsoring Exchange Club. Clubs may also submit their top A.C.E. Award winner to the district competition. Winners at the district level then have an opportunity to compete for the new National A.C.E. Award. Additional information on the A.C.E. Award can be obtained by writing to the National Headquarters.

Youth Scholarship - One of the most popular of Exchange's youth projects, the Youth Scholarship Award recognizes industrious high school students who attain high levels of scholastic achievement, involvement in Community Service in a significant manner and leadership. This proven program not only rewards outstanding young people, but also provides an incentive for other youngsters to strive for equally high levels of achievement.

Community Service

Book of Golden Deeds is an award that honors the quiet good deeds of unsung heroes.

Service to Seniors - This program aids and assists older Amercians enabling them to continue leading full, productive lives.

Exchange in Action

Give a kid a flag to wave

Give a kid a flag

Arts Picnic Popcorn Giveaway

Arts Picnic

Fund Raiser to Assist Soldiers

Soldiers Fund raiser

Serving Meals at District Convention

Serving Meals at District Convention
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